Sunday, 13 January 2013

Hmn... biographies about eating disorders only at, not .com!

Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice would say (I think). But it appears the "Books->Biography->Social & health issues->eating disorders" section I want to be listed only appears in, over here in Britain - or, at least, that's what my research is showing. Here's their reply from yesterday:

Thank you for the following reply - please see my response below it: Hello Bev, I'm sorry for any frustration caused. I understand that you would like to add the category "Books->Biography->Social & health issues->eating disorders" to your book "Anorexia Boy Recovery: A mother's blog about her teenage son's recovery from anorexia Part I - 2011."
I've checked on, but unfortunately I still couldn't locate the "Biography" category. After clicking "Books" on, I was only able to find "Biographies & Memoirs" category on the left hand column under the heading "Department." I've also checked the ISBN-10: 074995518X, ISBN-13: 978-0749955182 on, but the book doesn't show this category. 
Currently, this book shows the following 2 categories as found under the heading "Look for Similar Items by Category" 1. Books > Biographies & Memoirs > Specific Groups > Women 2. Books > Self-Help > Eating Disorders
I'll appreciate if you can please provide us with the link of the page that shows the "Biography" category on any book or anywhere on
Hmmmmnnnn, I say...

Why on earth it's different over here in the UK I have no idea.

And why I could only get listed at under "Women" if I want to be listed under "Biographies & Memoirs", I have no idea either.

My books aren't about women (if you exclude me from the mix, of course...)

Neither are they "self help" books. Well, not really, especially when I come to publish my main book: "Please eat..." which is our own personal story about Ben's descent into and out of anorexia.

But my books ARE about eating disorders. Obviously.

So at the moment I am floating around homeless... unless I just want to be listed under (general, no-specific) "Memoirs"...

Meanwhile, dear dear dear Amazon, please can you list me on under the correct category?

Yet another instance, my dear blog followers, of eating disorders not being taken seriously - and eating disorders in males being ignored altogether.

I await their reply...

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