Tuesday 18 December 2012

And here is my New Year Resolution!

Adjustments to our Recovery Contract in the lead up to university and LIFE...

New Challenges (manditory): 

  • 1st Jan week – with mum carefully monitoring current fat intake to ensure it's within 30-40% of daily intake
  • 2nd Jan week - adjust diet up to this level if required, still carefully monitoring it for the week
  • Monthly session with dietician to check on fats progress / weight maintenance  / increase in line with age
  • Adjusting to weight going up and down rather than being constant – tramlines 
  • Adjusting to eating less bulk because of the need to eat more fat (if required) 
  • New ‘fear food’ challenges if required e.g semi-skimmed milk, full fat cheese and yog 
  • Moving the focus away from food 24/7 (work with dietician)
  • Introducing other things to his life to replace food obsession 
  • Medication – must take some and not come off it for the time being
  • Work with me on DBT etc - if relevant
  • Socialising / filling spare time in day / eve – set weekly tasks 
  • Making own decisions and choices instead of me making them for him 
  • Walks / talks to talk these things through and ensure continued momentum  
  • Regularly review need for psych support

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant - we have the opposite problem with volume - fats are "OK" here because they don't take up so much room, "feeling full" is abhorrent to ED and something we need to challenge.