Tuesday 4 December 2012

Ben is no longer working in the deli / cafe...

Okay, so what happened? Ben was asked to work Saturdays but told the owner he couldn't because he has a medical appointment on Saturday mornings. But he didn't feel he could tell her what the appointment was for (he's seeing the private dietician for a few sessions). I don't think the owner believed him because she insisted on knowing what the appointment was for. But he didn't want to tell her. He arrived home quite upset, declaring that he never wanted to work there ever again...

Nothing we could say would persuade him to re-consider. So he went to see her today and explained he had a "mental health issue" which he is receiving treatment for on Saturday mornings. He wasn't specific. She wasn't too impressed. So they parted company and he went back to the charity shop to offer his services again, just like he was doing before he got the deli / cafe job - plus an extra shift on Sundays in the run up to Christmas.

And so endeth Ben's first paid job!

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  1. That's a pretty rough introduction to the world of stigma against mental illness. She wasn't too impressed? She wasn't too sympathetic by the sound of things.