Monday 31 December 2012

Your essential ED-beating toolkit for 2013

If you've never visited The New Maudsley Approach website and read through it in detail then I strongly suggest you do, in preparation for whatever it is you need to do to help your child recover from their eating disorder in 2013. It is packed full of tools and techniques for carers to use - evidence-based stuff that's aimed at helping you to get the best response from your child at a time when it can seem as if all they're doing is resisting logic and action.

You will find a tonne of skills which you can learn and use to - hopefully - achieve results. Many of these, for instance questioning / listening / motivational interviewing techniques, are tools we learned at the FEAST UK conference back in November - taught by Gill Todd, psychiatric nurse at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and the very excellent and awesome Professor Janet Treasure. And they are BRILLIANT.

As part of my Mission for 2013 I will be practicing these skills to enable Ben to move forwards, believe in himself and come to see full recovery and LIFE as something that's attainable and which he and I can work on successfully in partnership.

Plenty of meat for more walks and talks in the countryside, me thinks, in 2013.

When it eventually stops raining and the mud dries out a bit!

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