Wednesday 19 December 2012

Waving goodbye tonight

If you've read through my blog you'll know that one of the most supportive people on our journey through anorexia was the school nurse (who I've called Sheila in my new book). It was Sheila who first told me about what treatment was available for eating disorders and, basically, held my hand while I was going through some pretty nightmarish experiences as Ben slid into anorexia during the late autumn of 2009.

She also went out of her way to help Ben in whatever way she could, letting him use the school medical centre as a bolt hole when school got too much for him, even spending hours walking with Ben around the school grounds in attempt to calm him down.

Since then she has continued to be a fantastic support and always eager to catch up on how things are progressing. Also, it was Sheila who first suggested I put our experiences into a book (the book which I am still tweaking and which will be published soon).

Sheila is leaving the school today. Over the past few summers she's been working with rescued child soldiers and other children in Uganda and she has now decided to focus on this full-time. So tonight the school is hosting a special presentation in her honour. Naturally Ben and I will be there.

I suspect other families and current and former students will be there, too. Because I imagine there are many others who are eternally grateful for her support and genuine compassion.

She will be sorely missed at the school. However I tend to think that the children in Uganda probably need her more than British school children.

I wish her the very best in her new career.

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