Thursday 2 June 2011

Another article from Sarah Ravin which is particularly useful...

It's "Reason 1" of the very excellent Dr Sarah Ravin's article which is relevant to our current situation plus "Reason 6", followed by "Reason 7". See "Reason 1" in more detail here - or click on the link>>

Quotes from 'Reason 1' in Dr Sarah Ravin's article:

1.) Setting target weight too low.

Physicians and dieticians will often set a patient's minimum target weight at the low end of the statistically-determined 'ideal' range. The minimum target weight thereafter becomes the maximum allowable weight in the patient's mind, and she will do whatever she can to avoid going above it. There is no such thing as a universal minimum target weight. People vary dramatically in terms of body build, muscle mass, bone structure, body shape, and natural weight... The minimum target weight is often not sufficient to promote brain healing and repair the damage caused by malnutrition. 'Out of immediate medical danger' does not translate to optimal physical and mental health...

...Another problem that is particularly disconcerting is that the minimum target weight set by professionals is often significantly lower than the patient's pre-eating disorder weight, even if the patient was at a healthy weight before...

Thank you, Dr Sarah Ravin. Also thanks to one of my contacts on the ATDT Forum for bringing this article to my attention.

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