Friday, 24 June 2011

Yay, successful full day at school yesterday!

Actually he had no choice because I didn't have a car yesterday, so I couldn't have collected him early. When he got home he was fine. He'd managed his lunch (even if half of it was from Sainsbury's) and done a load of socialising and getting involved in activities. Also, he made up for any missing calories later in the evening. So a successful food day, too, at school. School dinners use to be one of my major worries!

"How did you cope with the other stuff?" I asked him. "Like the urge to exercise?" One of the major problems he still has (but is working on with the help of the Contract) is what he describes as "sitting around at school all day, doing nothing". Forget the fact that the brain needs loads of calories and he's moving around school from lesson to lesson; unfortunately he doesn't see it like this yet.

"I found it hard," he replied.

"But you did it and that's what counts," I said. "Surely you've learned by now that 'sitting around in school' doesn't make a blind bit of difference to your weight?"

"Well, we'll see what happens when I'm weighed tomorrow..." he said.

Damn. Does this mean we're back to the knee-jerk cycle of "If I've put on weight it means sitting around at school makes me fat and therefore I need to be at home exercising to ensure I lose the weight again"?

This is a key part of what I've described as "going round in circles / downward spiral" in the entries immediately below. And CAMHS do little to stop it in its tracks except getting Ben to promise to "try harder" for next time.

Today is CAMHS and, to be honest, I'm not optimistic about how they will handle things. But let's wait and see...

Anyway I congratulated him on a Successful Day at School and told him he should feel proud of himself. He's really achieved something.

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