Thursday 2 June 2011

Keeping the bugs at bay...

It's just what we could do without in our household... H has got a tummy bug and I'm dreading Ben catching it. This is one of the reasons why it's SO not OK for Ben to remain at his current weight without going any higher. I know from having talked to other ED parents, all it can take is just one sickness and diarrhea bug and - ping! - their child is back in the land of the unhealthy weight range or even lower.

It just goes to show that "weight recovery" at this too-low level is so very fragile and it's vital that we reach somewhere that's far more solid, with sufficient leeway either side. So whatever happens, be it a sickness bug, a sporty week, a holiday, school dinners, a weekend with friends, fending for themselves, going to university... whatever... our children are sufficiently weight restored and metabolically back on track to be able to cope with blips and dips.

And I don't want Ben to have to relapse before our treatment team accept that, yes, weight normalisation for Ben IS higher than they originally pitched it. As Dr Sarah Ravin says: "'Out of immediately medical danger' does not translate to optimal physical and mental health.'

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