Thursday, 30 June 2011

Anything for a simple life...

Thank goodness I can trust Ben to not only prepare his own food but also prepare and cook our evening meal, exactly as per the recipe with nothing 'omitted' and to successfully and accurately count his calories BECAUSE all hell has broken loose now my 89 year old Dad has finally been discharged from hospital. Aaaarrrgggghhh!

It's what's called an 'unsafe discharge' in that, apart from a district nurse that visits twice a day, no other care package or practical arrangement has been set in place. I don't have time to go into detail here as I'm having to sort it all out, but here's what I posted on Facebook today:

Well they've arranged a district nurse twice a day temporarily but I spent 5 hrs yesterday trying to sort everything out and doing the same today when the DN comes back... Not just problems with the PEG food administration [tube direct into stomach] x 4 times a day plus a vast arrange of morning and night medication also to be administered by PEG tube but there's the mobility & continence aspects, too, not forgetting the fact my dad loves to 'order my 84 year old mum around' like a servant or secretary and is constantly wittering on about stuff in his OCD-like insistence on micro-managing his life... SCREAM!!!!!

I can't even BEGIN to imagine how we would have coped with this had it been 12 or 18 months ago ('high anorexia' period), or even 6 months ago! Times like this bring into sharp relief just how much Ben has recovered from his anorexia and anorexia behaviours / thoughts.

These days I know I can trust him implicitly to do what's required without cheating or lying. And last night's home-made salmon teriyaki with seaweed, garlic and rapeseed oil potato crush plus (Marks & Spencer) duck spring rolls and prawn crackers was DELICIOUS!!!!! Followed by Ben's awesome sticky apple, apricot and almond cake with ice cream (difficult to know which is better: this cake or the very sticky ginger cake... or the malt loaf which beats Soreen's malt loaf hands-down!!)

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