Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Points being awarded thick and fast

We're into Week 12 of the Recovery Contract and it's still doing its job - and yesterday saw a massive 7 points awarded including the first Full Day at School (3 points) (yes I know he had to be there because he had 2 exams, but he still managed it perfectly OK). You see, one of the main issues about being in school for a full day is that ED, the Eating Disorder, taunts him for "sitting around doing nothing all day" when he "could be exercising".

Until very recently this was a major problem. But since we devised an Exercise Contract as part of the overall Contract, it's been much, much more successful. (What is and isn't allowed, for the time being, is written down on paper.)

Also, the Contract has enabled us to examine how everything falls into place over the Long Term, thus avoiding knee-jerk reactions to weighing sessions which, in the past, resulted in us staying in Limbo Land for ages.

Overcoming challenges has been key, too, with points awarded for certain challenges. Then, when challenges are no longer a challenge and part of "normal life", they stop earning points - and we regularly discuss where he's at as regards particular challenges and whether or not he still sees them as challenges.

Yesterday's challenges, for example, included eating a normal lunch at school, in the dining hall with his friends - and eating a large evening meal made from ("fatty") lamb complete with extras like onion bhajis and samosas despite having been "sitting around all day doing nothing" at school.

It is getting to a tricky phase, however... those last few kg... This is often the hardest part for anyone recovering from anorexia and Ben said today that he feels he's about to "tip over the edge".

So it's going to take some careful juggling on our part to ensure the transition between here and where he should be.

Unfortunately he still feels he's "absolutely fine" at his present weight...

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