Friday 10 June 2011

Cleared things up with CAMHS re weight normalisation

It was just the psych at CAMHS today and I was able to clear things up about the weight restoration / normalisation levels. Contrary to what the assistant implied the other week, yes Ben does need to be a higher weight and BMI and, at this stage in the anorexia treatment, we'll be working on carefully juggling both the weight gain and cognitive stuff. So that's good news.  The bad news is that...

Ben has lost weight. Mind you, I wasn't surprised. Remember he's had that tummy bug. He's gone down to 55.5kg which is 1.5kg down on the previous fortnight. So the pressure is on to get back to what has now been agreed as the 'bare minimum' weight - and if he doesn't manage it by the next scales session, action will need to be taken (presumably in the form of increased calories).

So, apart from the weight loss, I am happy with that.

However I wish Ben was at a stage where, knowing what a tummy bug could do to his weight, he naturally increased his intake on recovery.

He didn't.

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